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Krubb Bangkok Wins

Mr. Akkraset Chawengchinnawong and Mr. Kiattikorn Charoenpanich, representing the founding members of Krubb Bangkok Social Club and Sauna, accepted an honorable award “Ardhanarisavara” of the year 2023 in the category of the corporate who promotes strength and potential of gender-diverse community in Thailand. This annual award presentation ceremony was held on the 13th of December, 2023 at the Ministry of Justice.


The ceremony was presided by Justice Minister Police Colonel Tawee Sodsong. The “Ardhanarisavara” award committee consisted of long-serving experts in well-being and human rights.


4 categories of the award are as follow:


1st Category: Health Promotion in Gender-diverse Community

Individual: Assoc. Prof. Tavida Kamalvej

Corporate: BKK Pride Clinic, Department of Health, Bangkok Metropolitan Authority


2nd Category: Human Rights Promotion in Gender-diverse Community

Individual: Tunyawaj Kamolwongwat

Corporate: Transsexual Association of Thailand



3rd Category: Strength and Potential Promotion of Gender-diverse Community

Individual: Rattaphon Triamwichanon, MD

Corporate: Krub Community (Thailand) Co., Ltd.


4th Category: Creative Media

Online Community: THE MATTER

Public Media: To The Moon And Back (Matadala) Thai series by Maker Y Co., Ltd. on Channel 3HD


Pride Award

Individual: Woody Milintachinda

Corporate: M Plus Foundation


Friendship Award, to commend individuals who continually dedicate themselves to work with and show respect towards gender-diverse people

Awardee: Pita Limjaroenrat


The 5th Ardhanarisavara Award 2023 is organized by

- Rights and Liberties Protection Department, the Ministry of Justice

- Department of Women’s Affairs and Family Development, the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security

- Office of the National Human Rights Commission of Thailand

- Rainbow Sky Association of Thailand

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